Understanding Cubicle Panel Height

Understanding Used Cubicle Panel Heights

There are basically 4 panel heights. Low 39"-44". Mid 45"-54" Tall 62"-70" Ceiling height 75" and higher LOW PANELS simply Divide Space and are used to support cubicle components like worksurfaces.  When a user is seated at this cubicle, you can see then clearly.  Worksurface height is 29", so a panel 39" high would be 10" higher than the worksurface. MID-HEIGHT PANELS provide Seated Privacy.  When a user is seated at this cubicle, you can't see them (maybe...

Understanding Cubicle Panel Sharing

Understanding Cubicle Panel Sharing, what to know when buying cubicles

When we purchase used cubicles from a company to re-sell, they are typically configured in packs like #1 above.  There are a specific number of powered and non-powered panels in this 10-pack.  In this case, 17 panels to support 10 stations. Cubicle pricing is based on selling these cubicles in the same layout or configuration as when the cubicles were originally purchased.  If a cubicle lay-out is needed like #2 or #3...