Understanding Cubicle Panel Sharing

Understanding Cubicle Panel Sharing

Understanding Cubicle Panel Sharing, what to know when buying cubicles

When we purchase used cubicles from a company to re-sell, they are typically configured in packs like #1 above.  There are a specific number of powered and non-powered panels in this 10-pack.  In this case, 17 panels to support 10 stations.

Cubicle pricing is based on selling these cubicles in the same layout or configuration as when the cubicles were originally purchased.  If a cubicle lay-out is needed like #2 or #3 above, it will require more panels.  This may result in a price increase.  Drawing #2 and #3 (above) require 22 panels instead of 17.

Another factor is Power Feeds.  Cubicles are connected to building power with a Base-in Power feed and/or a Power Pole.  In drawing #1, ONE feed is required.  In drawing #2, TWO feeds are required.  Drawing #3 ay require THREE feeds.  One for each “cluster” or “pack” of cubicles.

Here is an example of floor plan from typical cubicle buy-back, lots of packs

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